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We love food. Talking about it, creating it, developing it, and making more of it.

We're looking forward to bringing you more with our vision for the future.

We're on a real mission to create change: that's why we're busy re-imagining the hospitality sector, and seeking out new ways for food service businesses to expand the use of existing kitchen space, equipment and staff. This will help businesses like yours to reach new customers, provide new jobs, improve turnover and increase your profits.
Three flavours of food fanatics
Toph Ford
Brand Director
With a background in food science and professional kitchens, Toph has worked for industry leaders in hospitality, food retail and manufacturing. He combines a keen eye for detail with expertise in brand and concept development, creating food strategies, and mentoring food teams.

Toph started in product development and buying for prominent retail manufacturers before following his passion back to the hospitality sector. He spent over four years as Head of Food and Marketing for Leon Restaurants, leading all food innovation and helping to build a scalable restaurant model.

After helping Leon to grow from seven to over 40 sites, Toph moved on to Head of Hospitality Product Development at M&S. This new challenge allowed him to introduce best practice for food service, injecting the entrepreneurial thinking of a young brand into a leading, retail-focused environment. His successes included launching new on-trend concepts and re-thinking existing offers.
Brett Boyers
Commercial Partnerships Director
Brett brings a wealth of experience in the travel, hotels, food retail and casual dining sectors including restaurant openings, operations and franchising. He's spent his career at various high profile restaurant groups including The Restaurant Group (TRG Concessions), Boparan Restaurant and the Individual Restaurant Company.

After working in large-volume, multi-site operations, Brett began to negotiate and lead international franchise relationships. With an in-depth understanding of what it takes to develop and open new concepts and grow existing small businesses, he's led successful launches across many channels including UK airports, Sainsbury's and Hilton Hotels.

Brett has also been responsible for strategic planning at board level, developing organic growth and franchising plans supported by investment proposals. This has included working with internal and external stakeholders such as brand owners and food development, design and property teams.
Stefan Cosser
Operations Director
Stefan is an expert in creating and planning new food concepts, and improving existing kitchen operations. He combines his strong background in restaurant kitchens and an in-depth knowledge of food and food science with commercial and operational expertise.

He honed his skills in culinary competitions and high-end restaurant kitchens in his native Iceland before moving to the UK. Recruited by Heston Blumenthal to work at The Fat Duck, Stefan led the creative team there for over five years learning to harness creativity and combine it with experimentation.

In 2012, Stefan left to focus on the wider food industry bringing his breath of experience to innovate operational projects within branded restaurants, fast, casual and food-to-go operators.

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